Restless Itch beckons

This blog is a result of my restless itch to try something outside of the music photography box. While planning for a December 2016 visit to the Death Valley in California, I came across some star trail photos and it caught my eye. I ended up spending hours scouring the internet about photo techniques for it.

Clouded skies played spoil sport on the photo days, but it was not before my eyes could see the splendour of a clear and dark sky. That is not a sight that easily fades away into the distant past. I came back to Sweden and booked a weeks trip to California in March around the new moon period to photograph the milky way. This is that journey and hopefully a place for manifestation of new itches.


Night Sky

A quiet night

Imagine a gigantic arch over the skies with light from tens of thousands of light years away. The splendour of that is a bit lost in tying to find space between photographers elbows and tripod legs. The result can still be stunning; but I feel that it comes at the cost of a personal satisfaction …